Saturday, November 12, 2005

Devin Grayson's Nightwing: Worth the Search?

That's my question. Reading this interview with Ms. Grayson has made me curious about her run on the title, especially now that it's winding up. I don't dislike her work, and I thought her stints on The Titans and Gotham Knights were fairly decent. Like her, I am also a fan of the Bruce/Dick relationship. However, I haven't read Nightwing regularly, and don't really have an opinion on what she's done with the character, because I haven't really seen it reflected in other books. I do know a lot of people don't like it.

So, any recommendations on whether to start seeking out her back issues? Do you think I would like 'em? If so, where should I start, and what are the high and low points? I know the broad outline of the Tarantula arc, but should probably avoid spoilers beyond that.


P.S. New comics roundup probably coming tomorrow.


Woody! said...

I'd say pass. I really felt like it was a weak version of Frank Miller's Daredevil run. I was a fan of Chuck Dixon's run beforehand, so that might have tainted my viewpoint.

Alex Segura said...

Hey, is her run ending? I haven't heard anything about a new creative team...

iamza said...

I'm a fan of Devin Grayson's writing in that I find, for me, her writing evokes emotion. I like her portrayal of the Batfamily relationships, especially her exchanges between Dick and Bruce and Dick and Tim. She can make them feel like a family--a weird screwed-up family, but still...

But, I've found the last year or so of Nightwing tough going. For me, the storylines are dragging, and feel a bit directionless (which, given her comments in the interview, are perhaps not all Grayson's fault). To be honest, I don't think I've really enjoyed a Nightwing issue since Dixon's Nightwing: Year One stint. But then, mobsters and the mafia bore me.

I think Devin Grayson's biggest weakness might be she so loves the characters she's writing about that she's not objective when it comes to plotting. Events become melodramas that play on far longer than they should.

Just my two cents worth.

Captain Qwert Jr said...

"Hey, is her run ending? I haven't heard anything about a new creative team..'

Perhaps when everything DC gets thrown forward a year.

The current storyline with Dick training the Raveger is mildly intersting, but the rest does not seem to be going anywhere, and from her interview, it looks like it will come to an abrubt end due to IC.