Sunday, August 23, 2009

I got knocked out, and that turned out OK

The short version of this post is, the podcast is late because I have been sick. It'll be done tomorrow, I hope.

The long version is, I ate something Thursday night which disagreed rather persuasively with me, so much so that I spent pretty much all of Friday on my back.

On the plus side, Thursday night I did get to see an "Incredible Hulk" I'd never seen before, where Hulk must land jetliner. Hulk evidently had lasagna.

Accordingly, yesterday and today were filled with postponed chores. It also meant I was in no shape to participate in Tom Spurgeon's Five For Friday, which this week was all about matching songs with the comics pros who we'd want adapting them.

Anyway, it's a good thing I didn't get to submit my list, because I had gotten stuck on "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" adapted by George Perez -- you know, for the quintessential Perez "let there be light" gradually-expanding layouts -- and clearly I was too sick to blog because I didn't take this vivisection of the song into consideration.

So now I'm feeling much better, thanks; and I might as well share a list, right? How about:

1. "Boys Of Summer," Don Henley -- Alex Toth
2. "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant," Billy Joel -- Rozakis/DeStefano
3. "Paradise By The Dashboard Light," Meat Loaf -- O'Neil/Adams
4. "Annie's Song," John Denver -- Wolfman/Perez
5. "Dancing In The Streets," Martha Reeves and the Vandellas -- Simone/Scott

(Aaah, probably still sick....)

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