Monday, August 08, 2005

Untold Tales of the Best Wife Ever

Today is the Best Wife Ever's birthday -- hooray!

Although we now live about 45 minutes from Virginia Beach, we have not had much luck with the weather on our random visits. Back in the spring it was rainy and cold. Last Sunday, we had only been on the road about 15 minutes when the skies opened up and didn't stop until long after we'd eaten, shopped for furniture at a few different places in Newport News, and gotten back home. Therefore, when we went yesterday morning, I looked up a couple of shopping destinations in Virginia Beach in case it rained.

Well, it didn't rain, although it was hot and muggy; and we cut short our boardwalk stroll after about an hour. We then decided to go shopping anyway at the local antique mall, and picked out a nice little table which should serve us well. All in all, it was a very fun day, and tonight we are going out for her birthday dinner.

Eventually I may tell you-all the strange story of how we met, but for now here's another "untold tale." It was Labor Day 2001, and we were channel-surfing when I spotted Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The surfing stopped, because it was the touching drydock scene where Kirk (as the fans' surrogate) gazes lovingly upon the refitted Enterprise. The scene also marks the first time we-the-fans get an idea of just how big the ship is.

Now, at this point we had been dating for about 10 months, and she knew I dug Star Trek, but she was not exactly a yooge fan. Nevertheless, I was trying to decide whether to watch my widescreen-VHS version later on when she mused, "You know, this scene is the first time in the series that you really see how big the Enterprise is." Completely surprised, I thought I would be a class-one idiot if I ever did anything to break us up. If I hadn't started calling her the Best Girlfriend Ever (later amended to Best Fiancee and now Best Wife Ever), I sure did after that!

Not that she's since become a big nerd like me -- far from it. After I explained to her the classic Silver Age origin of Krypto the Super-Dog, she couldn't stop laughing for about five minutes, except to say, "I don't know which is worse -- that origin, or that you know it!"

Anyway, still the Best Wife Ever. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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