Tuesday, March 15, 2005

An Exercise In Futility, or NCAA Tournament Picks 2005

DISCLAIMER: These picks represent my opinion only and are not to be taken seriously or relied upon in any way by anyone else for any purpose, legitimate or otherwise. They exist solely for your entertainment. All picks subject to change depending on mood.

Now then:

First Round Winners

Chicago bracket: Illinois, Nevada, Alabama, Boston College, UAB, Utah State, Southern Illinois, Oklahoma State

Albuquerque bracket: Washington, Pacific, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Texas Tech, Gonzaga, West Virginia, Wake Forest

Syracuse bracket: North Carolina, Iowa State, Villanova, Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas, North Carolina State, Connecticut

Austin bracket: Duke, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Syracuse, Texas-El Paso, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Kentucky

Second Round Winners

Chicago: Illinois, Alabama, Utah State, Oklahoma State
Albuquerque: Washington, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Wake Forest
Syracuse: North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas, Connecticut
Austin: Duke, Syracuse, Oklahoma, Kentucky

Regional Finals

Chicago bracket: Oklahoma State beats Illinois
Albuquerque bracket: Washington beats Wake Forest
Syracuse bracket: Connecticut beats North Carolina
Austin: Kentucky beats Syracuse*

Final Four

Washington beats Oklahoma State
Connecticut beats Kentucky
Washington beats Connecticut

The End.

* Or not. If UK just makes it to the round of eight, I'll be happy.


Greg said...

Washington???? Wow, you have more stones than I do (I haven't picked yet, but I doubt I'll pick Washington), and I live in a Pac-10 state, so I know how good they are. Good luck (I assume the picks are for cash money, and not just because you like doing it).

Tom Bondurant said...

Yeah, I know, but Washington is pretty high in the Sagarin ratings. Besides, I just see the other top seeds getting knocked off when they least expect it. (A little transference from Kentucky's experiences the past few years, probably.)

Anyway, this is just one of three brackets I'm submitting in the local pool, so I still have options.