Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

This weekend's NextGen tribute wraps up with -- what else? -- Jean-Luc Picard giving a Ferengi a tongue-lashing.

By the way, "the Vulcan" is everyone's favorite ambassador/former Enterprise captain, participating (along with Admiral McCoy) in Trek's first semi-official intergenerational crossover. Of course no Ferengi jail can hold him!

[From "Game, Set and Match!" in Star Trek: The Next Generation -- The Modala Imperative, Late October 1991. Written by Peter David, drawn by Pablo Marcos.]

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Perplexio said...

Any idea when we'll see the return of your weekly comic recaps?

I was looking through Countdown #30 and Teen Titans #51 at the comic shop yesterday and noticed 2 rather different Batmans from the multiverse. One of which was the Tim Drake Batman of the future in Teen Titans #51 and the other was the Jason Todd Batman in Countdown #30.

I got a kick out of Green Lantern's comments about the Jason Todd Batman in Countdown.... Complaining that Jason Todd's Batman was brooding and paranoid just like the Bruce Wayne Batman and wondering where in the multi-verse they'll end up finding "Happy Fun-Time Batman." Well it tickled my funny bone at least. Of the 2 I preferred the Todd Batman. Especially when he laid the smack down on his other self and said, "It looks like I'm better at being you, than you are." or something to that effect. The Tim Drake Batman I found to be surprisingly darker than the Jason Todd Batman.