Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

Single-handedly and anonymously, the Flash saves the Multiverse's five remaining Earths.

After this point Barry starts jumping around in time, interacting with Kid Flash, the Joker, and Batman, so it's not really a soliloquy anymore. Also, I wasn't in a mood to dwell on Barry's death. It's enough to say that I think this scene holds up as a fine sendoff to the character who introduced DC to its Multiverse. Barry's monologue is one of the few instances in superhero comics where, "realistically," a character would talk to himself as he literally ran out his life.

[From "A Flash Of The Lightning!" in Crisis On Infinite Earths #8, November 1985. Written by Marv Wolfman, pencilled by George Perez, inked by Jerry Ordway.]


Man, now I'm depressed. Let's see if this helps:

That's better!

[From "That's Really Super, Superman!" in Bizarro Comics, 2001. Written by Ivan Brunetti, drawn by Evan Dorkin.]


SJ said...

Yay for The Flash! Nice blog this one.

I used to lose myself in Batman comics a decade and more ago.

Perplexio said...

Thanks for that. I haven't picked up COIE #8 in a few years, it was good to see a glimpse of it again.

I thought Bart's death was written with a similar level of respect.

I'm not happy that it was written, but given the circumstances Guggenheim really did Bart justice.

Speaking of Flash bits, the other one I really like is in The New Teen Titans 39 when Wally quit as Kid Flash and Dick Grayson quit as Robin. When they both revealed their identities to Terra before leaving... and that cover was fantastic in its minimalism.

Matthew E said...

If you want to cheer yourself up after reading that, you can always read Legion of Super-Heroes volume 5 #15. It could happen! The door is open for DC to use that!