Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

I've been on I-64 most of the day, so not much time to think about this week's soliloquy. Thankfully, in this respect, Chris Claremont is the blogger's best friend.

[From Star Trek: Debt of Honor, written by Mr. Claremont, pencilled by Adam Hughes, inked by Karl Story.]


Bully said...

i really enjoyed this Star Trek GN when it came out, but looking at this page, all I can think is: what awkward-looking word balloons. Some words are crammed in too close to the edges of the bubbles, others have odd lopsided white space.

I s'pose you could blame wordy Chris Claremont, but boy that stands out like a sore thumb to me.

Tom Bondurant said...

The letter is Bob Pinaha, who was doing the regular Star Trek books at the time (and not much else in the way of DC Universe titles, if I remember right). I'm pretty sure this was still hand-lettering, because I don't think computer-lettering came into fashion until Comicraft in the mid-90s.

So I can see him plotzing over all the words, and how best to organize the balloons, etc., and just being happy that it's all legible.

Even so, I wish the balloon that goes with the "even the whales" comment actually pointed to the panel where she gestures to the whales. That wouldn't have taken much effort.

Get me -- I'm wordy in a comment about a Claremont book!