Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Night Thinking

I was all set to participate in Friday Night Fights last week, but circumstances conspired against me.

However, I'm more than happy to join Diamondrock in some Thursday Night Thinking!

And who better than the guy who'd rather spend time in The Lab -- not a euphemism, I stress -- than pay attention to his frustrated bride: the Big Brain himself, Reed Richards!

"Dammit, woman! Leave me to my science!"

(From Fantastic Four vol. 1 # 48, March 1966, by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, with Joe Sinnott on inks.)


Diamondrock said...

That man sure can THINK!

Bahlactus said...

I'm sure the two weeks off will get you set for Friday Night Fights -- Uppercut. BTW -- be sure to stop in next week as well, as there will be some side-jabs thrown by me before we set-it-off again!