Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

Although his consciousness has returned to his own body, the danger isn't over -- Superman is attacked by speech balloons!

You know, "mute" isn't quite the hurdle I'd pick for Joey to have overcome. The whole "childhood kidnapping by terrorists/being rescued by costumed mercenary dad/having throat cut as a result" thing would put me off superheroics more than not being able to talk.

Then again, I am neither mute nor a superhero, so I could be wrong.

[From Action Comics #584, "Squatter!", written and pencilled by John Byrne, inked by Dick Giordano.]


RAB said...

Ah, I remember that very panel as the precise moment I realized that John Byrne really didn't know what he was doing, and also that no one was allowed to tell him otherwise. And it wasn't the only time he crowded a character off panel with his own word balloons happened quite a few times!

Avi Green said...

I remember that issue as a time when Byrne put a woman in a situation where she was being held by the neck at arms length by a villain (previously, it was Lois Lane, here it's Donna Troy). It also seemed to me like a vague take on a "fanboy stereotype" when you think about how the crook was building a machine in his basement that he could use for bad intentions!