Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just a little stocking stuffer

Don't know if I'll have time to do a proper Christmas post here. A new Grumpy Old Fan goes live today, and it's been an absolutely crazy week pretty much since Monday morning.

Still, this came to me as I was nodding off last night and getting up today....

Ralph D. the stretching gumshoe
Had a very twitchy nose,
And if you ever saw it ...
... Yeah, it was a little gross.

None of the other heroes
Ever took him seriously
Until his buddy Barry
Got him in the Justice League.

When a nut killed his wife Sue,
DC came to say
“Ralph, we’ve got a job for you,
“Here’s what’s left of Doctor Fate.”

Now Ralph’s a grim detective,
More fun when he was hap-py;
Ralph D. the stretching gumshoe,
Hope you see Week Fif-ty-three!

Talk to you Wednesday, if not before. Happy Holidays, blogosphere!

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