Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yes, there are Tony Shalhoub jokes

Matt Rossi takes on The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told, one story at a time. Currently he's done Parts 1 and 2 of the classic 1939 "Monk" two-parter by Gardner Fox and Bob Kane. This is everything you'd ever want in a Golden Age Batman story -- creepy artwork, deathtraps in quick succession, a stoic Batman who still gets a kick out of scaring people silly, and a supernatural villain. It was a clear inspiration for the Grant Morrison story "Gothic" from Legends of the Dark Knight #s 6-10, 'waaay back in 1990.
If only the Monk employed a gorilla....
P.S. Still trying to collect my thoughts on a variety of topics, including Superboy and the Waid/Kitson Legion, doing something about this spate of Bat-books -- and today's new comic day! Merde!

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