Thursday, September 23, 2004

Convergence Scorecard

The cold I got from the Best Wife Ever finally manifested itself fully yesterday afternoon. Left work a little early, but what with picking up new comics got home about the same time. Took a dose of sweet, sweet Nyquil and popped in the Star Wars DVDs. (The Phlox figure arrived too. It has a gut, which I thought was kind of brave. Neelix was paunchy, but his figure wasn't. I digress....)

After about 30 minutes with the DVDs, the Nyquil was coming on strong and I figured I'd better read those comics before it was too late. The "War Games" issues were mixed -- the revelation of the criminal mastermind was a surprise, but again with the torture of a female character? I set the VCR for "Lost" and took a nap.

I made myself wake up a little before 8:00 and watched "Smallvile" through the Nyquil haze. I was surprised at how much I liked Lois Lane. She and Clark had good chemistry and would make a good couple. (Speaking of Lois, time has been much kinder to Annette O'Toole than to Margot Kidder.) Overall it was a strong episode, but there were still some hokey moments. The Clark vs. Clark fight seemed ripped from Superman III, and black Kryptonite? Since I haven't watched the show in a while, maybe it's been on before, but what's it do -- break Kryptonian mind-control? Is that really something that would have developed naturally?

I picked up the first Doom Patrol paperback when Lana appeared. This subplot about her being infused with the spirit of an ancient warrior/saint doesn't look promising. Finally, the in-jokes about "give me a nerd with glasses" and "what's that? A bird? A plane?" were on the good side of cutesy.

Haven't watched "Lost" yet because I went to sleep for good after "Smallville." All in all, though, the convergence was managed pretty well.


iamza said...

This was the first appearance of black kryptonite on Smallville. Personally, I was sort of hoping the pink kryptonite of Peter David's Supergirl book would make an appearance...but that's probably just me. :-)

Rick Gebhardt said...

I'm not the hugest superman buff, so is there actually black kryptonite in the comics?