Friday, August 20, 2004

Unfortunately, "Leave It To Beaver" was already taken

Shane plays "Rename a comic with the title of a TV show," and I guess I will too.

Survivor --> Identity Crisis
The Apprentice --> Robin
Big Brother --> OMAC
The Amazing Race --> The Flash
Fear Factor --> Man-Thing
Moonlighting --> Batman
Yes, Dear --> Hawkman, ideally with the Silver Age Hawks
My Mother The Car --> a miniseries about the child of Superman ex-villainess Maxima
Those Amazing Animals! --> Kamandi
Brimstone --> The Demon or Lucifer
V.R. 5 --> D.P. 7 (retooled, of course)
Family Ties --> Fantastic Four
Friends --> Teen Titans
The Clubhouse (an actual CBS series coming this fall) --> Legion of Super-Heroes
The People's Court --> Vigilante (the old Marv Wolfman/Keith Pollard series)
Pinky & The Brain --> the long-awaited post-Crisis Luthor/Brainiac miniseries

I got a million of 'em....


Shane Bailey said...

"Pinky & The Brain --> the long-awaited post-Crisis Luthor/Brainiac miniseries"

That's my favorite one.

Neil said...

Hmmm, let's see:

Stargate--> A LSH series, possibly focusing on RJ Brande and his gift to the UFP

Six Feet Under--> Deadman or alternately The Spectre

Futurama--> Legion of Super-Heroes

Family Guy--> Fantastic Four

Kids Next Door--> Young Justice

Law & Order--> Gotham Central