Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"The Phantom Quarterback's Agent Is Holding On Line 2"

The San Diego Chargers and rookie quarterback Philip Rivers weren't able to agree on a contract. From the San Diego Union Tribune:

Comic book superheroes couldn't reach the impossible incentives the Chargers have proposed.

If Rivers wins four Super Bowls and appears in four Pro Bowls over his first four years, he gets $5 million. Five Super Bowls and five Pro Bowls in five years? $7.5 million. Six Super Bowls and six Pro Bowls in six years? $10 million.

So, if Rivers is a person not of this earth, or has been strengthened by a freak atomic explosion, he has a chance – minute – to earn $22.5 million in incentives, that, as [his agent] says, "never have been achieved in NFL history."

Too bad this guy isn't available....

(Actually trying to think of which superheroes played football in college. Jay Garrick, post-Crisis Clark Kent, maybe Ben Grimm?)


Neil said...

You can add Guy Gardner and John Henry Irons to that list. I think they both played for Michigan, as established by Beau Smith during his run on Guy Gardner: Warrior.

Tom Bondurant said...

I believe you're right. And I was wrong -- Clark only played football in high school.