Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's my 5-year blogoversary -- in stereo!

Can you believe that it's been five years since this humble blog was launched? Heck, it seems like five years since the last post....

Accordingly, as a way to get back into the weekly new-comics grind, I am trying the exciting world of podcasts! Yes, give me thirty minutes and I'll give you somnolent commentary on the usual batch of new purchases! This week it's Wednesday Comics #1, The Unwritten #3, House Of Mystery #15, Superman: World Of New Krypton #5, Green Lantern #43, Batman #688, Green Arrow/Black Canary #22, Booster Gold #22, and The Warlord #4. (Music is by R.E.M.)

Right-click here to download the episode. You can also visit the podcast homepage here.

Anyway, I'm hoping to have new installments up on weekends (or Fridays if I'm lucky), so keep an eye out!


Tim O'Shea said...

Congrats on five years. You are one of the best comics pundits out there and I consider myself lucky to be able to learn from you on a constant basis.
--from one of your Robot 6 pals,

plok said...

Five years!

Holy crap!

A career in any league...

Sea-of-Green said...

Here's to another five years!