Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Eternals question

Thanks to the magic of trade paperbacks, I've finally read all of Jack Kirby's Eternals, and ... well, I liked it a good bit, but let's just say I think we have a lot to talk about.

Before I launch into a long blog post, though, I've got just one question:

Surely someone besides me has noticed all the similarities to New Gods? (And if I might be allowed a follow-up -- boy, Kirby loved hidden civilizations, huh? The Inhumans, the Asgardians, the Hairies....)

I mean, I was reading these issues and thinking "do-over," and I can't have been the only one.

Anyway, I do have more to say about Eternals, but I have to get that out of the way first. Back soon -- I promise -- with those thoughts.


plok said...

Looking forward to that, Tom!

plok said...

And, I was going to say "yes" to your question -- "oh, definitely a do-over!" I was going to say -- but I think that one's hanging me up, slightly. I don't know why, but I'm just not quite sure...

RAB said...

Before the first issue of Eternals came out, based on advance publicity, I totally thought it was going to be a do-over or even a continuation of the Fourth World in disguise. I expect a lot of people thought that at the time. But after reading the first couple of issues I felt it was something very different. Looking back now I'd say there are ways in which the two series, far from being related, are directly opposed to one another and express completely opposite themes and attitudes. I don't want to preempt your case, though: you may have spotted something to make me change my mind! So...let's have more?