Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Night Fights

So ... who thinks Mary Marvel needs the black cheerleader outfit to be tough?

Here she is in December 1942, taking apart some goons after saying "Shazam!" for the very first time ...

... and here she is in July-August 1975, showing that experience doesn't mean sacrificing one's sense of humor.

(Yeah, she does more fighting in the older scan, but I've always liked her '70s look. I wonder if she would have grown up to be Bailey Quarters. Mmmm ... Bailey Quarters....)

Ahem. Our magic word is "Bahlactus!"

[First scan from "Captain Marvel Introduces Mary Marvel," in Captain Marvel Adventures #18, December 1942. Written by Otto Binder, drawn by Marc Swayze. Second scan from "Secret of the Smiling Swordsman!," in Shazam! #19, July-August 1975. Written by E. Nelson Bridwell, drawn by Bob Oksner, lettered by Ben Oda. Both stories reprinted in Shazam! From The '40s To The '70s (1977).]


RAB said...

I approve of everything about this post, with an extra appreciative sigh for Bailey Quarters.

Phillip said...

Any girl drawn by Bob Oksner is automatically awesome.