Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

I was originally planning to post some scans from Superman vol. 1 #344, where he fights both Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster, but a) I'd pretty much already done both of those, and b) the issue wasn't as good as I remembered it. Basically, the Phantom Stranger shows up at the end, and pretty much wishes Dracula out of existence. Ho hum.

So while the bit I did choose for today may not strike you as particularly Halloween-y, keep in mind that it is, nevertheless, about as close to the Devil as the post-Crisis Lex Luthor has ever gotten.

As for the last of my Halloween scans, come back Wednesday for the big finish!

[From "Metropolis 900 Mi," the second story in Superman vol. 2 #9, September 1987. Written and drawn by John Byrne, inked by Karl Kesel, colored by Tom Ziuko, lettered by John Costanza.]

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