Wednesday, May 30, 2007

(It's an old MST3K line.)

(Original via Newsarama.)


SallyP said...

I'd hate to shoot it too, it's a LOVELY butt. Not quite up to Green Lantern standards,but perfectly acceptable.

Perplexio said...

Is that an old shot from the Crisis era (Barry) or a newer shot with Bart?

I'm wondering if the current story arc is going to bring Wally back in, not necessarily as The Flash but I know I'm not the only one who has been quite displeased with how DC handled the whole Bart Allen being the new Flash thing.

Unlike with Wally taking over for Barry there hasn't been any closure about Wally being the Flash and I'm hoping that, if nothing else, the current Flash story arc brings some semblance of closure to Wally being the Flash. Because I really don't mind that Bart's The Flash, I just don't care for how arbitrary his becoming the Flash seemed to be.

Oh and I know this is a longshot idea... but what about pairing up Red Hood/Jason Todd with the Walter West Flash (from Flash 2nd series issue 152-156? or was it 159?). His costume was really badass!

Tom Bondurant said...

SallyP, at the risk of infringing on your and Ragnell's territory, I may have to make "I Hate To Shoot A Butt Like That" a semi-regular feature. I've got another couple of images in mind already!

Perplexio, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Bart. I'd be very surprised if anything bad happened to him, even if it did mean bringing back Wally and/or Barry. I agree that Bart's "promotion" has been a very arbitrary thing.