Thursday, October 19, 2006

A to Z with the Justice League

Inspired by Scott (but not nearly as funny), here's an A-B-C for the Justice League.

A is for Aztek, Grant Morrison's fave;
B for Big Barda, Apokolips babe;
C is for Crimson Fox, sexy French twins;
D is for Doctor Fate, both her and him;
E is for stretchy Elongated Man;
F is for Fire, who's Bra-zil-i-an;
G is for Gypsy, the camouflaged teen;
H is for Hawkman -- his hist'ry's unclean;
I is for Ice (Maiden), killed in a stunt;
J is for J'Onn J'Onnz, he of the manhunt;
KooeyKooeyKooey gives our list its K;
L is for Max Lord -- who knew that he'd stray?
M is for Maxima, just like the car;
N is for Nuklon's unfortunate hair;
O is for Oracle, smarter than you;
P is for Power Girl, from Krypton-2;
Q's for The Question, conspiracy-mad;
R is for Rocket Red, husband and dad;
Superman's coming -- look up in the sky!
T is for Triumph, whose fame was denied;
U is for Ultraa, alone on Earth-Prime;
V is for Vibe, who gave up gangs and crime;
W is Wonder Woman, symbol of hope;
X is for Xotar, a time-trav'ling dope;
Y for the Yazz -- it's too bad that he's gone;
and Z's for Zatanna: won ym s'meop enod!


SallyP said...

Very nice, that must have taken some time!

plok said...

Ha! Here's hoping it becomes a big fat meme!

plok said...

Okay, curse you Tom, I did one!

Anonymous said...

Big Barda rather than Batman? Interesting choice.

Bill Burns

Tom Bondurant said...

Sallyp: I couldn't goof off at work as much as I would have liked.

Plok: I can't find it!

Bill: I was trying to go for the more obscure Leaguers -- it's just that Steel (either one) was the only other "S" I could think of, and there was no other "WW."

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

plok said...

If I can ever get back into Blogger...

Had a slight rhyming problem, so took it down, but I'm having trouble re-posting it. Any day now, damn it!